“Green Roofs: Financial Benefits of Going Green”

“Green Roofs: Financial Benefits of Going Green”

by Alexander Babikian, Project Manager for O.G.I.’s Green City Project 

An idea with roots in Europe, green roofing, is beginning to grow in the USA.  This idea challenges the common notion that the forest ends where the city begins, and that the roof on top of each building can provide nothing other than protection from the elements.  Green (vegetated) roofs will bring enormous economic and environmental benefits to the pioneering buildings and cities who decide to take advantage of the acres upon acres of unused land right above their heads.  The roofs come in “intensive” and “extensive” forms, extensive being very low or no-maintenance grassy vegetation, and intensive being potentially higher-maintenance and supporting of larger vegetation, including even trees.  The two green roof options can differ visually and in initial set-up and maintenance costs, but will both provide the following economical and environmental benefits:


– A slashing of the heating and cooling utility bills which quickly covers the initial investment

– Through protection from UV radiation, temperature extremes, and erosion, a roof which will last up to four times longer than a normal roof and thus avoidance of up to four cycles of roof removal, disposal, and replacement.

– Increased building and city appeal and consequent higher tenant/tourist attraction and rent

– Endless revenue-generating options on a previously useless space (weddings, gardens)

– Storm water management (absorption of up to 100% of storm water) and reduction of the need for expensive storm water management systems

– Improvement in air quality estimated to be worth $2,500,000 annually in a study by the city of Toronto (1)

– Mitigation of the city heat island effect economically invaluable to all cities, especially in summer months and in the southern and southwestern United States.


– Reduced or eliminated non-renewable energy demand for green roof buildings (especially when combined with Solar)

– Decreased output to landfills (through avoidance of up to four cycles of roof disposal)

– Improvement of air quality

– Reduction in harmful storm water run off into oceans, rivers and lakes.

– Biodiversity friendly space

At OGI we are committed to achieving our vision of green roof-dominated cities in South Florida and beyond, and we look forward to working with all who are interested in this opportunity. – AB

About Alexander:

Alexander is a young entrepreneur who brings out-of-box thinking and program management skills to OGI.  Upon graduating from Syracuse University with degrees in Geography and Business, he assisted several entrepreneurs in business development for fledgling and struggling startups, and recently co-invented a medical device for a startup in which he also served as operations and procurement manager.  He has traveled, lived and worked in over a dozen countries; most recently volunteering to teach English to children in the Amazon and providing free business development consultancy to local business owners. He is overseeing the development of several projects within OGI, including marketing of products in South Florida and Latin America, and the organization of the Green City Project.

About O.G.I.:

Ocelotl Group International, LLC (O.G.I.) is a multinational consultancy firm that offers dynamic and unique services throughout each of our divisions. Our team includes experts in International Security, Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, International Commerce, Intelligence, Military Affairs, and much more. At O.G.I., we pride ourselves on giving our clients exactly what they need at home and overseas. Whether you represent yourself, a corporation, or an agency you can count on O.G.I. to bring you the experts.


Contact our offices at:

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